Thursday, April 30th @11:30am:  All Pre-K classes

(Mrs. Verdeur, Mrs. Stackhouse, Mrs. Stauffer)


Friday, May 1st @11:30am:  All 3-day classes

(Mrs. Radzanowski, Mrs. Bosch, Mrs. Manders)

Conferences will be Thurs. April 2nd  and Friday April 3rd.

School is CLOSED with NO Lunch and Play on both days.

 Your child’s teacher will be contacting you to schedule a meeting time.

We will be offering babysitting for your PMNS child and his/her siblings (no infants please) during your conference time.  It will be in Room 7 (Mrs. Stauffer’s room).  This babysitting service is intended only to help you during your conference time.

Wear your favorite pajamas and slippers to school!!

Monday, February 24th – all 3-day classes (Radzanowski, Bosch, Manders)

Tuesday, February 25th – all 2/4/5-day classes (Flail, Bosch, Matthews, Stackhouse, Stauffer, Verdeur)