The most important things about a preschool are:
student-teacher ratio
a pleasant atmosphere
the amount of space per child, and
the availability of room for the children to run, in both indoor and outdoor situations

Student-Teacher Ratio:
Classes for three-year olds should have no more than 15 children with two teachers. Consider the relative ages of the teachers; it is important to have a balance between older, experienced teachers and younger, newer teachers. Both should be working in the school.

Pleasant Atmosphere and Space for the Child
Take a tour of the school, and consider the following questions:
Do the teachers speak to and interact with the children with respect and pleasantry?
Is there a sufficient amount of room in each classroom for each child to move around freely?
Do the kids look happy?

Is there a good-sized outdoor play space for kids to run around and use their large motor skills?
Equally important, is there a similar place provided indoors, for inclement weather?

Most important, does the school’s atmosphere seem friendly and “right” to you? Use your gut feeling as well as your judgment. A particular philosophy is less important than these criteria. It’s best to send your child to a friendly, cheerful school near your home, where he or she will learn the important social skills necessary for the rest of school life!