Wee One’s Club

Wee One’s Club is specially designed for children 18 months – 2 yrs. 6 mos. AND a caregiver.  Classes are offered on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9am – 10:15.  Groups meet for 75 min.  Classes are offered in the fall semester (13 weeks) and again in the spring (15 weeks).  Children should be at least 18 months old by the first day of class.  **Children are to be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.  An experienced teacher will provide a nurturing, play-filled introduction to school.  Activities will include:  Time for exploration with blocks, housekeeping, toys, sand/water table; circle time with songs, stories and finger plays; art exploration with various art mediums; outdoor play with vehicles, sandbox and climbing equipment.


2 Year 7 Month Program 

These classes meet 2 mornings per week (T,Th). Children must turn 2 by February 15th to begin in September.  These classes are a wonderful introduction to the social aspects of school. Teachers focus on making friends, sharing, taking turns, and making school and learning a fun first experience. Activities include music, parachute play, introduction to shapes and colors, seasonal and holiday artwork, library time, and of course plenty of outdoor and indoor play time.


3 Year Old Program

These classes meet either 2 (T,Th), 3 (M,W,F) or 5 mornings per week. Our three year old children are further developing their individuality, creativity, independence and social skills. Teachers guide the children through individual and cooperative play by encouraging them to use words and build friendships. These children are thoroughly enjoying all that our school setting has to offer! Activities include music, KIM class, chapel, library, circle time, seasonal art experiences, puzzles and other fine motor manipulatives, and of course playground time. Children are introduced to letters and numbers, scissor skills, literature, and they continue to enjoy shapes and colors.


4 Year Old Program

These classes meet either 4(M-Th) or 5 mornings per week. Our Four and Five Day children continue to develop their individuality and creativity as they build the independence, self-confidence and self-esteem they will need to move on to Kindergarten. They will form close friendships, follow large group directions, work and play cooperatively with their classmates and take pride in their own accomplishments. Activities include music 2x/week, KIM class, chapel, library, listening and science centers, circle time, playground time, and a multitude of art activities. Children spend small group time 2x/week with their teacher in Gameroom where they develop fine motor skills and cognitive skills such as problem solving and independent thinking. Gameroom activities include puzzles, grid boards, pattern cards, and sequencing games. Letter concepts are reinforced with activities such as “a letter a week”, “sound sharing”, and the creation of an “alphabet book.” Math skills are taught using activities such as graphing, sorting, rote counting and number identification.


KIM class

Our Kids in Motion class is a physical education class that incorporates large motor development and the social interaction required for organized game play. Children build skills needed to interact with each other and follow directions from another teacher. All 3/4/5-day children attend KIM class once a week on the playground, on our outdoor field, or in one of our large indoor play rooms. Activities include obstacle courses, parachute play, scooters, hopping, throwing and catching balls, climbing and jumping.


Music class

The music program at PMNS truly reflects the school’s “play-based” philosophy. In music classes, through songs, simple instruments and dances rooted in American folk music, our children not only express themselves musically, but also develop a wonderful sense of “community” with each other. Whether dancing with a partner or drumming with their class, making music together develops each child’s social and creative self. Twice during the school year, our children share music with their families at the Autumn and Spring “Sings”. The “Sings” are very low-key “peeks” into music-making in the classrooms. Our two and three day classes have music once a week. The four and five day classes have music twice a week.